A walk around the levee

I wanted to take a walk
Along the levee with you

But the walls failed
And the water poured through

Submerging our town
And things that we knew

The depth continued to grow
Til i drowned besides you

In time waters receded
And towns built anew

Where another version of me
Waits to take a walk
Along the levee with you



Concrete veins

The concrete highways and byways
Blood of our city
Lax polymers
Cross linked
We celebrate our hardend humanity

I break off
And flow through its veins
Traveling through
The dark and strange

A million hearts
Beating out
Discordant songs
Vibrate through
These concrete veins
I travel on

Through city streets
Narrowed plaque
Of monuments
Built on broken backs
Of the heaving mass
Just born for bone
Adding layers
To coral thrones

In this fluid
Speeding through
Our concrete veins
Always push me
Back to you