Pictures I Found

One day, I don’t remember where or why I was looking in shrubbery but I found a bunch of art nudes. These clearly were not home made porn but as mentioned eariler, art nudes.  I’ve been asked at least 15 times “where did you find them” All I know is they where in a bush. “Why were you in the bushes?” I for the life of me do not know nor do I know where these bushes were. So now it’s like this: For some reason which I can’t remember i was in some shrubs that are located at the corner of “why?” and “I have no clue” but now I have an album of art nudes and that’s pretty cool.

I had debated whether I should post them or not but I’ve come to the conclusion that 1) they are old and 2) they were consensual and professional thus there can not be an expectation of privacy. However, I did not or will not send out a mass notice of these pictures; if someone finds them cool, enjoy and be a decent and respectable human being and don’t post them everywhere. That’s pretty shitty, go find your own shrub with an album of nudes and get the fuck off my site. No cold, thoughtless, self centered, narcissistic jack offs allowed. I’m not joking.

I have a few more pictures that I need to scan and upload at a later date



I’m done for now dicks. You better be here for the artistic beauty, I don’t you getting a hard from my blog weirdo. Why not just show up at my house with cock in hot dog bun, it’s basically the same thing.

Women are free to be turned on