About “You’re Ugly” a shitty recording and a tad out of sync in a few places but I think it’s funny. And obviously I’m not serious, well it’s pretty true in that that’s the way the world works






5 thoughts on “MUSIC”

    1. Thank you – appreciate it. If I could sell either my music or lyrics to an established artist that would just be the shit. I’m researching “how to sell your music” currently


  1. Songs are good man. Let the creativity trickle out till the faucet (and no you don’t have to touch it sacrificing the fate of your air conditioning) is flowing. Creative expression of feelings or just everyday relatable sheet. I’m a fan and look forward to more. Keep it up. I’m out ( opens and closes door 3x before exiting)
    Your bud.


    1. no you’re not. you’re a good guy. You’re even using you’re correctly….. I think.. You’re taking your guitar over there to their house? They’re too clumsy to be trusted.


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