The sound of our cities

The sound of struggle in the decaying cities of America; inch by inch we’ve been deceived and led into this Orwellian nightmare. A police state overseen by traitorous politicians owned by the elite through their cancerous grasp of the worlds economic levers. A ridiculous, insane and wholly unsustainable system which requires ever increasing consumption in a finite world. Motivated by a sociopathic greed and hidden in the shadows, this small group of men wage wars, destroy our world, create poverty, instability, inequality and death so that the current systems of power remain. Systems that constantly extract a fiat and worthless digital wealth, a few more pennies in their pockets. All for these pennies that result in my death, in your death and ultimately and thankfully their death too.


The irreconcilable acceptance of near-term extinction

I had read this a while ago and liked it so much that I booked marked. I recently re-read it and decided to re-post it in the hopes that others might stumble upon it.

It is a bit of a read but worth the time, at least I think so. All Credit due is listed below and a link to the original article at the end of this post.


by Daniel A. Drumright, a lifelong radical environmentalist who has followed climate science for the last 24 years, and has been a feral “collapse theorist” for the last 12 years

Considering this very long essay attempts to address what is without a doubt, the greatest phenomenal event in the recorded history of our species, I will definitely fall quite short in the endeavor. And this would still be true even if this essay were a hundred times in length.

This essay is written in acceptance that humanity has now crossed numerous irreversible climatic thresholds. It is also written from the perspective that by so doing, we have ushered in intractable near term extinction (NTE) of most of life within the next several decades. (If nature fails to bat last, nuclear containment pool fallout from grid collapse surely will.)

I have absolutely no interest in attempting to persuade anyone of this conjecture being either true or false. No one should allow themselves to be persuaded by anyone regarding this subject matter. The decision to accept this, is ours and ours alone. Anyone who is putting the onus of NTE on Guy’s shoulders, or anyone else for that matter, is doing a great disservice to both Guy and themselves. The available evidence is easily accessible, the writing on the wall doesn’t need to be deciphered. The theory of runaway climate change has been around for decades, and now the whole world is able to watch this catastrophe unfold in real-time. But this by no means implies the world is watching.

This essay is SOLELY written for those who are already familiar with a majority of the available evidence, and who’ve subsequently come to a similar conclusion for themselves. As such, this essay is not intended to be informative, but rather entirely commiserative.