The Smell of Death

The smell of death
Sits at my door
All my smoke says
What you waiting for

Wont you come on in
Yeah, be my friend
We’ll take a trip
Down to the end

Though we’ve all forgotten how things began
It seems from birth we all ran
Till everything became a blur
So things seemed different than they were

Got the smell of death
Everywhere we go
All our bags scream
That we’re ready to roll

Come on man
Take a ride with us
We can do it again
I’ll call your bluff

Always seeking out the meaning
In a nightmare world unweaving
Random strings get broken loose
Now hang down as a noose

Got the smell of death
standing by my door
Well come on in
what you waiting for

Standing crooked
Death flashed  a grin
Then finally whispered
cant you see my friend
I’ve been standing here so you can’t come in
Cause even death don’t want your sin

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