We never noticed the apocalypse

The apocalypse has already begun,

We just have yet to notice it

The honorable lay on the verge of extinction

And those that remain are hunted as game


Painted smiles hide the true faces behind the outward gaze

Painted symbols hide entire countries of hungry jackals

Behind ideas noble only in name


An Orwellian nightmare of doublespeak and unpeople

Free to be slave to any permitted desires

Peacefully destroying everything beyond our walls

As we celebrate murderers for keeping us safe

Our leaders pay homage to themselves and their criminal friends

Great monuments reach towards the sky

As symbols of ideas noble only in name


Resources plundered our lands stripped of life

Feeding insatiable machines and systems

That we rely on to live

So we will give and give and give

Until one day they just break

Collapsing under their own sickening weight


Oh yes my friend,

The apocalypse has begun quite a while ago

When we were holding signs predicting how it’d begin

We just never noticed it anymore then than we do now

For it came with a whimper and we expected a howl



(i found the burning earth in a google search and dont want to straight steal it- I found a link to the guy who made it bobtheowl)

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