Perpetual Monday

Here it is again, the worst day of the week, Monday. The weekends go so fast that it always seems like its Monday; perpetual Monday. The days of the week are as follows:
Saturday Eve
Monday Eve
It’s just always here, it’s always fucking Monday

Here it is
its Monday again
The weekends done and
work begins

A paper shuffle
is the life
that we’re told is really nice

Khakis, Prozac, scotch, fast-food
to keep us all a bit subdued

Please don’t think
you’re not trained for that
There’s systems in place
Do your job just get fat

Just sleep my friend
as gentle babes
Little worker bees
For kings as slaves

2 days rest
To work on endless chores
As stressed out minds
Can’t dream of more

Monday comes here round again
And just like that
The weekends done
and work begins

Monday is the furthest point from the weekend, which, as stated above, is really not restful or all that relaxing at all. The only reason why weekends are better is that the asshole your answering to is yourself. So really, except for maybe a few hours between both Friday night and Saturday in which you can actually go out with your (enter status of your significant other here), truly be free and enjoy the company of each other it’s all horrible.

Its sad that I view my existence like that. Don’t get me wrong, i love my wife and son and wouldn’t trade them for anything but it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that this is all there is. Work, aging, failing health and death after years and years of pain. (see the tab “ehlers danlos” for explanation of health and pain).

I think im going to end it here for now.


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