Nothing burns like jesus

Nothing burns like Jesus
Spread your legs wide open just to please him                                                                    –
You’re here to hold the life you have inside a victim of his reason  
Wage a war inside your soul
be a good boy now and do as told
Stand and order, you just salute
For one more bite of this bitter fruit      
Nothing burns like Jesus
Whip marks across your back
From the tongue of just society
And Jesus, well, he just laughs       
We fell in line and took his name
Ate the flesh from off his body basking in our shame         
Burn down your life and kill the self
proudly kill your pride
Like gluttons drank of his blood
Till gladly we would die          
Nothing burns like Jesus
Son of a Madonna, dirty virgin whore
Pulls dinner from her pocket
For entertainment starts a war          
Nothing burns like Jesus
This shepherd for the lost
We’ll gladly kill our neighbors
For a hoax hung from a cross

—-please do not threaten to kill us for writing this as that would only prove the point—–

Written by: Ann Marie Baradi & John Saraceno

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed and or hated anything here. Feedback is welcome and appreciated

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