Tinfoil Hat Conspiracies

antagonize, marginalize place a tin foil hat on the truth and instantly it becomes a lie.

Believe in me cause I believe in you and in America too;
except for when I forget that I do
Then give 3 bucks and I’ll sacrifice you.

my pockets are fat,
bulging with death
honored with a golden pin on my vest.

I see the dream fading
but together we can make it true
just round up the losers
and use them for fuel.

hey now, that’s not really true,
You’re too smart
to let that tinfoil hat fool you.

The images we broadcast
that’s the real deal,
we made them this morning
while planning what next we will steal.

maybe your home, car and job this time around,
our legal obligations to shareholders
my hands they are bound.

Just enough room though to count all my cash
that i earned by fucking you in the ass

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