Let’s give a 6 year old a slingshot

So, I’ve been meaning to write about this for about 2-3 weeks now and am finally doing it. It’s pretty awesome.

My wife, she’s an intelligent woman, masters degree and all. (yes, we all know degrees do not equal intelligence so shut up please). Well, a few weekends ago we were both busy doing shit around the house. I can’t remember what but we didn’t have attention for a child at that point. So my wife, my intelligent, loving wife says to my son, who, as much as I love I have no issues saying that he can ware me the fuck out, she says, here, take this sling shot and go outside.

*Fuck, it’s clear as day that nothing good is going to come from this             but i’m not there to stop it.

“Go outside and you can shoot rocks at the wall on the side of the house” she says. Easy entertainment and a happy boy.

Well it took about 5 minutes until there was a hole in the kitchen window. Which, way the fuck do you think anything else would have happened? So shit, you’d think I’d off the deep end, start hollering like a lunatic but no, I was cool calm and collected and just stared at the perfect dime sized hole in the window.

Immediately I start thinking about how I could patch it up cause you know, I’m not getting new glass and replacing a window on a Sunday afternoon. Eventually I settle on some UL 181 aluminum foil tape and cardboard squares. My smart wife has a better idea though, way better.

Please see below:

So here is the hole, i guess it’s almost a half dollar size



Here’s the fix



That is a bunch of those plastic arts and crafts beads that she previously melted together to make sun catchers. Well luck was on side that day. I super glued one on the inside and another on the outside and that hole is sealed perfectly. Yes, my home is now held together by super glue but guess what, I don’t give a fuck. It works and looks pretty. When it stop working i’ll repair it the correct way, whatever that is.

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