Looking for jesus

I had to find jesus so I looked under a rock
but my love said he resides in your cock

she touched me like mary and we finally felt peace
at least for awhile we felt some relief

I had to find jesus so I went on a stroll
I watched a crowd gather and loose all control

They we’re loving the sinner but hating the sin
so they beat a fag and bashed his head in

The blood it gathered in puddles and ran down the street
to the neighborhood bus bench where two strangers would meet

They’ll fuck and they’ll love
and they’ll screw and they’ll hate
and one day they’ll find that their souls have been raped

She had to find jesus so she looked to the sky
and when she was done waiting you could see the death in her eyes

We’re all looking for jesus throughout the unknown
but it’s abundantly clear that no one is home

One thought on “Looking for jesus”

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