A Broken Camera

When digital cameras were getting to be the norm my wife and I bought a fairly expensive one, it was like $350.00. I liked it, thought it took some decent pictures though I could be wrong.


We got into walking around and taking photographs and I’d fuck with them in photoshop. We got, what I think, are some decent shots, arty and shit. I put a few in this post, obviously. There are better ones but this is what I found one the computer I’m using now.


bird tree Sometime latter we attended the wedding of one her friends. It was really nice, in some old church in Miami. I always liked weddings, not so much the ceremony but the reception and open bar. A wedding without an open bar or at least a cash bar, i think, sucks. I don’t want to go hangout with a bunch of people I don’t know and be sober doing it. Some alcohol as social lubricant is required. We had an open bar at our wedding. I actually didn’t even really drink that night nor did my wife. We were too busy getting pulled from too many angles; it was fun though. I hope everyone else had fun. Anyway, so we’re at this wedding and we’re drinking and talking and dancing and my wife dropped the camera. It broke. It was a pretty disappointing occurrence.

We never replaced the camera. We said we would but we never did. It’s been probably 6-7 years now. Just another one of those things that die through inaction. I guess that’s it. It almost sounded like this was going to be a metaphor for our relationship or that I had something interesting to say but the longer I wrote the clearer it became  that I didn’t.

“We said we would but we never did. Another thing that died. Now we just watch t.v from the couch, sitting there doing nothing like that broken camera on our shelf.” But I didn’t say that, we do other things.

cropped bay

Actually, the camera on my wife’s phone takes some pretty decent pictures.

phone camera

The longer I look at it I wonder that this might be the best one in the post.



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